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ZealOps software experts take their engineering quality to the next level.

Experienced specialists

With years of weathered experience, our team has never encountered a project which hasn’t been completed inefficiently.

Industry-defining team

Our expertise-driven specialists are fully dwelled in their passions to develop a sense of perfection when it comes to performance solutions.

Customer loyalty

ZealOps strive for excellence has never been more recognized. Our focus on making each customer satisfied with the final product has made exceptional progress in overall user satisfaction. More than 80% of our customers choose to give us a perfect score after the project completion.

ZealOps in Europe

Strategically positioned and perfectly attributed, our engineers are well-equipped to handle any localized problem and keep bringing you straightforward solutions. Considering our multiple European offices, our geographic situation is perfectly suited to leverage any projects on time.

Software development collaboration models

Team Augmentation

Take your team expertise to the next level by utilizing ZealOps specialists. You retain full control of your project while our specialists make sure you're on the right track.

Outsource IT Development

Guarantee the success of your project with top-level IT talent provided by ZealOps - guiding your project towards concrete results

Product Development Assistance

Share the responsibility with ZealOps IT specialists, providing you with a complete end-to-end solution for any products you develop.


ZealOps provide the full set of technologies required for software development. Take advantage of top-level talent in desktop, web, and mobile development. Our highly experienced team utilizes the latest technologies, newest frameworks, and best practices to provide complete solutions that combine end-to-end technical products with easy-to-use and functional designs.

With over 2100 custom-made solutions already delivered, ZealOps has a broad spectrum across major industries. Helping you address complex problems with our technologically advanced solutions. ZealOps uses industry-tailored knowledge to develop specific solutions that meet your unique needs and requirements.

Hire the best and develop software with ease. By working with our top-level team of engineers, UI/UX specialists, and industry-leading experts - your projects get completed faster, more accurately, and more efficiently.