Increase your development capacity by outsourcing your IT projects to the ZealOps top-level team of engineers. Cooperating with your organization for fast, reliable, and scalable results.


Ensure that your project is benefiting from the best technologies for the job. The ZealOps team will deploy its broad knowledge and expertise to ensure high-quality results from start to finish.

Development Capacity

We provide top-level developers with broad expertise in IT. Allowing you to profit from extra developer capacity and complete your IT projects within desired timeframes.


ZealOps works by cooperating with your organization. Provide the required information and our world-class engineers get to work immediately. You keep complete control of the project.

Expert IT Engineers At Your Fingertips

Our team of experts is annually improving their existing skills and learning new technologies. Hire highly-skilled staff members in just 2-4 weeks with no recruitment costs.

IT Project Management

ZealOps project managers will realize your IT projects by cooperating with your organization and providing guidance throughout the development process.

  • IaaS / SaaS / PaaS
  • Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Multicloud
  • IoT


Shape the future of your product through advanced e-commerce systems. ZealOps engineers build highly adaptable solutions optimized for conversions.

  • CRM Solutions
  • CRO Optimizations
  • Architecture Re-building
  • E-shop building

Mobile & Web

Increase interaction through mobile or web applications. ZealOps engineers focus on high-usability and flawless UX development. Ensuring the success of your project.

  • iOS / Android Development
  • UI / UX Design

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Evaluation Process

  • ZealOps experts analyze your needs and requirements as well as look into your project.
  • If required, we sign an NDA to ensure your business and ideas stay private.
  • The ZealOps sales manager will contact you with a detailed and comprehensive proposal.
  • We assemble a team that starts working on your project as soon as possible.