Dedicated Team

Improve your product growth capacities by employing a dedicated team of ZealOps top-level software engineers. You retain in-house-like control while utilizing seasoned outside talents.

Scale Fast

Boost your team's technical and business capacities by complementing the missing talent with a dedicated team. Top-level talent will assist in handling the additional workload. So, you can spend your time scaling your operations.

Easily Manage Budgets

A dedicated team provided by ZealOps is a cost-effective way to extend your team and the scope of your projects. With less worrying about hiring, you can save costs and leave room in the budget for other crucial parts of your business.

Open Communication Channels

Never worry about the project's quality. We allow you to fully seize control and manage the ZealOps developers as if they were your own in-house team. Accelerate your business growth and control the quality by using ZealOps experts as your IT staff.

Expert IT Engineers At Your Fingertips

Our team of experts is annually improving their existing skills and learning new technologies. Hire highly-skilled staff members in just 2-4 weeks with no recruitment costs.

Web Developers

ZealOps offers the best Web Developing experts that are available on any given budget. Working with only top-level talent allows us to save you on development costs by minimizing risk and experience-related errors.

  • UI/UX Design
  • Android / iOS Development
  • Other Platform Mobile Development
  • QA Engineers

Full Stack Developers

Our full-stack development experts will take part in every stage of your product development cycle. Working with the latest frameworks and technologies.

  • Front-end Design
  • Back-end Design
  • Database Architecture
  • C#, Python, PHP & JavaScript Development

Mean Stack Developers

Work with world-leading experts in building highly specialized applications by utilizing the ZealOps MEAN Stack developer pool.

  • MongoDB
  • ExpressJS
  • AngularJS / NodeJS

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