CAD Outsourcing Services

ZealOp's innovative service ensures the success and proper use of architectural technologies. Leveraging years of experience to deliver top-level results.

Work Faster

Outsource your CAD services to ZealOps and have our experts work on them 24/7. Allowing you to focus on other tasks parallel to your CAD design needs.


Remove the financial burden of hiring full-time employees for specific tasks. Save cost and time by eliminating limiting factors like computer hardware, software, and training by outsourcing your work to our professionals.

Top-level Quality

The ZealOps team is manned by highly-qualified experts, decades of experience allow us to consistently deliver high-quality and reliable work.

Expert CAD Engineers At Your Fingertips

Our team of experts is annually improving their existing skills and learning new technologies.

3D Modeling Work

Highly-skilled ZealOps experts can help your business shorten the ideation, conceptualization, and execution time of 3D Modeling work.

  • Revit Modeling
  • Sketchup Modeling Services
  • Architectural Visualizations

2D Work

Save time and money when creating different architecture models. ZealOps experts will take full responsibility and deliver expertly crafted 2D work.

  • 2D Outlining Work
  • 2D Planning

AutoCAD Software Services

ZealOps employs a qualified and professional team with years of experience. Offering unparallel quality when working with AutoCAD.

  • PDF/Image/Paper/Drawings to 3D conversion
  • Photorealistic Still Imagery Renderings
  • Drafting Services

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Evaluation Process

  • ZealOps experts analyze your needs and requirements as well as look into your project.
  • If required, we sign an NDA to ensure your business and ideas stay private.
  • The ZealOps sales manager will contact you with a detailed and comprehensive proposal.
  • We assemble a team that starts working on your project as soon as possible.